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Thank you for shopping with us! If you felt your Touch of Class associate gave you exceptional service, you are welcome to scan their QR code and give them a gratuity of any amount you'd like. Tips are never expected, and always appreciated!  Thank you from all of us at Touch of Class!

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Valerie 7645

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Sammantha (2).jpg
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Caitlyn 0789

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Halley 0799

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unnamed (6).jpg
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Brooke 8876

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Screenshot 2024-01-31 at 6.04.59 PM.jpg

Shelby 7786


Heather 2039

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unnamed (4).jpg

Marrin 2310

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Sammantha (7).jpg

Avery 9161

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Samm 0162

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Sammantha (8).jpg

Rose 0721

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